I am a motion graphics animator working in 3D and 2D mediums with experience in creating music videos and concert visuals for a various genre and artists. My projects are all filled with passion and enthusiasm for creating content that I can share with the world and use to further my knowledge in this creative field.

I am a South American immigrant from Ecuador who moved to the US at the age of 10. In 2015 I enrolled at Georgia State University in Atlanta until 2017 when I received a full-time job offer to work at Bitcoin Depot, the largest bitcoin ATM company. I began my career there as a marketing intern and eventually working my way up to becoming the marketing manager, until the 2020 pandemic when I was fired. After this event, I decided I no longer wanted to work in a corporate business-related field and decided to completely shift careers in order to pursue my professional career as a 3D animator. Since then, I have worked on 50+ music videos, visualizers, and concert visuals.

Advanced 3D Cinematography Certification